Is Education “On the Edge?”

“On the Edge of the Unknown,” the theme of the recent SAND 16 (Science and Nonduality) Conference in San Jose, CA was not exactly on the edge or unknown.  That’s a good thing!  As early as 1948 Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington’s book, “The Nature of the Physical World”pointed to what is, since the discovery of the Higgs Boson,  “… the view that the substratum of everything is of mental character.” What is new is that 900, mostly millennials, joined together to celebrate and explore their common understanding of this reality, and this was the sixth year they’ve done that.

John Dewey, the father of modern education stated, “Education is a science, the science of the formation of character,” and Vivekenanda, the father of modern India suggested, “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already existing in man.”  That was a century ago.  Is the science of education keeping up with the other sciences?  Are we ‘on the edge’, looking through our pedagogical microscopes to find the right formula for meeting the educational needs of the 21st century?

As far as I could determine I was the only educator making a presentation, albeit a modest poster presentation, but nevertheless something. “The Dharma of Education” speaks to these issues and offers practical solutions.  Looking forward to your having the opportunity to read it.