Advance Praise

“Timely and needed, The Dharma of Education reflects a level of understanding that is not always evident in the emerging field of mindfulness education.   Marantz brings together critical pillars of decision making in school planning- values, human development, teaching, and curriculum design.” – Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Author, Founder of Curriculum Designers

“Dr. Marantz’s book provides a unique and necessary perspective on what is essential for the education of young people. Drawing upon both eastern and western thought, she defines the values that give meaning and purpose to a successful life.  Her blending of eastern wisdom with western knowledge provides a synergistic paradigm for 21st-century teaching and learning to make education relevant for every child. With her emphasis on “educare,” Dr. Marantz’s book offers a much-needed antidote for the ailments currently afflicting our classrooms and our boardrooms.” – Dr. Joan Weber, Assistant Superintendent for Personnel and Administrative Services, Scarsdale Union Free School District (Retired), Director of Long Island University Educational Leadership Program.

“Rarely have I read a book that not only shines a light on a critical societal problem but also offers practical solutions to fix it.  The Dharma of Education does just this, but it also offers an inspiring and illuminating dialogue on the underlying spiritual considerations that must, inevitably, drive us forward.” – Traci Medford-Rosow, best-selling and award winning author Inflection Point

“Wow! Ronne Marantz has done a wonderful job of explaining the problems with our current educational system and the remedy for those problems in a masterful blending of eastern and western philosophies, of the secular and spiritual, of real events and fictional stories, of educational studies and classroom experiences.  She cites over 150 people, from Socrates to Joan Baez to spiritual leaders. The solutions to our problems are not easy.  She asks us to do some thoughtful, personal, self-inquiry, which can transform us as well as our approach to education.  I wish I had this book when I started teaching 50 years ago!”– David Gries, Professor Emeritus, Computer Science, Cornell University

“Dr. Ronne Marantz is, in my opinion, a world-class leader in the field of education. She brings her unique gifts of wisdom and enthusiasm to the great task of giving hope and direction to the world’s teachers and students. The welfare of our world depends upon the spread of “The Ways of Peace”, and to this end, Dr. Marantz is offering a most valuable aid.  May the light of her work inspire and light the way for generations to come.” – Rabbi Michael Shapiro

“Dr. Marantz presents a groundbreaking holistic approach, which fosters not only academic achievement but also the development of the physical, emotional, moral, and spiritual dimensions of our children. Weaving Five Universal Human Values into all domains of human development through Five Traditional Wisdom Teaching Techniques, The Dharma of Education releases youth from the shackles of the belief that the sole measure of intelligence and success is academic.” – Shari Gold, Esq., attorney, mediator, Former PTA President, Woodstock Elementary School

“This book is being published at an extraordinary time.  The growing intolerance that we see in human relationships today is seeping into every sphere of human existence … The Dharma of Education makes a bold effort to underscore the ‘missing link’ in our current education system … a balanced educational approach that gives due emphasis as much on the transference of knowledge and skills … as on eliciting human values and spirituality …”-Kalyan Ray, Director, United Nations (Retired)

Conversational, personable, authentic, and grounded, The Dharma of Education packs punch because Dr. Ronne Marantz embodies what she prescribes. This masterful book examines the relationship between educational methodology and content with a critical eye toward the true purpose and meaning of education – the nourishment and development of the human spirit and healthy community. Remarkably accessible, practically organized, and classroom-oriented, Dr. Marantz firmly but gently calls our attention to the ways our individual approaches and behaviors can enhance or harm our students’ capacity for self-actualization, compassion, and the development of a generous spirit. If ever there were an educator who could recover the soul of education in times like these, I believe she’s the one!– Jordan Scruggs, MDiv, faculty member of Rising Hope Prison Education Initiative.

In The Dharma of Education Dr. Marantz has presented a meaningful paradigm for education in the 21st century based on universal human values and the cultivation of true wisdom, not only the acquisition of information and skills. Based on decades of first hand experience in education and philosophy, Eastern and Western, the book suggests a model of education for life that can be applied, not only in the classroom, but anywhere teaching and learning can be found. Dr. Marantz has spent the better part of a lifetime striving to embody the “dharmic” and spiritual values she presents. She artfully includes personal anecdotes demonstrating that’s she has tried and refined every exercise she suggests.  This is an important contribution to the field of education as well as for those who wish to deepen the quality of their life—education for life. – Pravrajika Gitaprana, Minister-in-Residence/Administrator, Vivekananda Retreat Ridgely

With insight and wisdom, Dr. Marantz restores our focus on the true duty of Education—to nurture the human potential without which children cannot develop fully. She explores the philosophical and historical roots of education based upon basic human values, and demonstrates convincingly how critical aspects of character such as resilience, insight, passion, integrity, and perseverance can be encouraged by a school’s curriculum.  This is a highly important work that could do much to reverse the bullying and rancor seen in schoolyards and in far too many other settings these days. – Meg Lundstrom, author, The Power of Flow