Dr. Ronne Marantz, author of The Dharma of Education: Where Western Knowledge Meets Eastern Wisdom. “Welcome to my website.”

Welcome to The Dharma of Education: Where Western Knowledge Meets Eastern Wisdom.  Writing The Dharma of Education has been the culmination of 35 years as an educator and extensive travel on an unexpected spiritual journey that ultimately led me to answer the questions, “Who am I,” “What is real?” “What is lasting and important to learn, to know, to feel, to be, and to teach?”  Although I’ve been a principal of two elementary schools, first in Woodstock, New York and then in Scarsdale, New York, I still consider myself  a teacher, which is something I did for 15 years prior to that, in the fields of Special Education and English as a Second Language.  A teacher is what I am, if I’m anything at all.  I say that somewhat tongue in cheek as it refers to a concept that I was first exposed to during my travels to India.  Gradually I came to know that the notion of reality as we perceive it is far more than our senses, mind, and reasoning tell us it is and that this notion is also the basis of many educators and spiritual teachers in the Western hemisphere of our world.

 I am delighted to invite you to a conversation about education and the moral and spiritual journeys that have informed our practice as teachers, administrators, parents, and all kinds of caregivers aspiring to nurture the intrinsic goodness in the child and youth; in short, to nurture human excellence in ourselves and others.  To that end I offer one of my favorite poems—one of mine.  It’s my way of saying that we are all one in the task we face as parents, caregivers, and educators, as moral and spiritual beings—humans.  I look forward to what you have to say in whatever way is best for you. 

i bump into you everywhere

is that not where you are?

soul to soul, only One

no need to say, “Thank you,”

though I shall say anyway,

how thoughtful of you to be me.

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